CleverLearning has existed since the 1990’s and has had the current focus since 2003. Throughout the years we have produced a large number of courses in widely differing subject areas.

When you hire CleverLearning you get access to a wide range of skills within pedagogy and development of e-learning. We have project managers, scriptwriters, pedagogues, illustrators, animators, photographers, sound engineers and programmers – all with a common focus on pedagogy, communication and interactive courses.

Our office is in Stockholm. Our clients are all over the country and our users around the world.

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David Tikka

CEO, project managment, content writing, pedagogy etc.
We are experts in modern and flexible learning. We are able to quickly gain insight into different subject areas and design good training.
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Peter Ryderberg

Content writing, pedagogy, video and imageproduction etc.
In my work I always start from the person who is going to learn. It is by truly reaching and affecting the target audience that we achieve the purpose of the project.
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Elin Yaman

E-learning production, pedagogy, interaction design, usability etc.
As being a specialist in the area, my drive is to create intuitive and efficient training with a high degree of usability, in order for the users to be able to only focus on the training content and their learning.


Our starting-point is that humans are curious and willing to learn. The lack of willingness to learn is usually due to curiosity having been crushed by destructive pedagogy or the human deeming the current knowledge material not relevant enough. If the training course is unclear, contradictory and unsuitably constructed it’s also an obstacle for learning.

To us this means that in the learning situation the course participant is the central figure! It is up to us who develop the course to ensure that the intended learning will be given the best possible conditions! During the actual learning situation, the course participant is usually alone and doesn’t have a “teacher” nearby to ask for help. This puts high demands on us, that our production is as correct and clear as possible – on all levels.

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CleverLearning is an e-learning agency that produces e-learning courses on behalf of companies, authorities and non-profit organizations.


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